About Me




My name is Chris Eich.  Among other things, I’ve been an RN for 18 years. It has always been my intention and goal as a nurse to help alleviate other beings from mental and physical suffering.

As I start this blog I am entering a new phase of my life which I will be posting about. It still involves helping people to alleviate their mental and physical sufferings but in a different way.

I live in Denver, Colorado.  I have been happily married for almost 30 years.  I live with my wonderful husband, who was my high school Sweetheart,  and our 3 spoiled dogs (Barney, Francine and Peanut).  We have one grown son.

I love learning new things, hiking, documentaries and amateur photography.  I love all animals and am a vegetarian.  I meditate daily.  

I have been called an Empath and told that I am clairsentient.  I am very sensitive to energies and can pick up on things many others can’t.  That is not new to me but something about myself I am just learning to embrace and understand. I can’t read minds or anything like that. I can’t tell the future. What happens is that I feel things. I feel the emotions of others (not everyone but some) and oftentimes in nursing I have picked up my patient’s actual symptoms. I have known, sometimes, what is going on with a patient by how I felt.

I hope you find something interesting or inspiring here.  Thank you for reading.  Please reach out to me at any time by emailing: inspirehopelove@gmail.com

May you be happy and healthy.  May you find joy in the everyday things.  May you have no suffering; physical, mental or spiritual.  May you and all beings be free,  loved and live your lives with ease.

XO, Chris (FeeFee)









me and my husband, Tim