I do believe affirmations “work.”  They work because they are simple reminders of the truth which our higher selves are already aware. It is important, however, to use the right affirmations.  There are a lot of affirmations out there that are for money or things (such as “I am open to becoming a millionaire”).  I personally don’t think that is the way of our spirit.  When we affirm for “things” or try to “manifest” things in our lives we are working from our ego.  While those things may manifest into reality for some people, I don’t believe it is for the highest good.

When we do things from our hearts, not our egos, we are following the “right” path (as Buddhists would call it) and therefore, no matter what happens, it will be not only be for our highest good but the highest good of everyone.

So I decided to make my own affirmations, for my Pinterest board.  I actually do look at my Inspirational board from time to time when I feel I need a pick-me-up.  I want the right reminders to be in there.

If these resonate with you feel free to share or save.  I’ll be making a lot more of these so come back and take a look.  I have given up my old blog and my old Pinterest which was FeeFeeRN.  I had many followers on both but I’ve changed.  My interesst have changed.  My intention for a blog has changed.  I still love fashion and makeup and home interior design but that’s not my main focus anymore. I love them more as an artistic expression (coming more from spirit) rather than wanting my home or self to look a certain way (coming from ego).  It doesn’t matter if I have new things or not. It’s fun to look at Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, but let’s face it, it’s mostly fake.

I started this blog to keep it real. This is me now.  I’m on my own path.  It doesn’t matter if I have “followers” or not.  I want to put my views out there, being true to myself, and see if what I have to say resonates with anyone else.

If you’re on a similar journey or have new resolutions to simplify your life this year, get rid of clutter in your home and life, want to make decisions from your heart and ignore your ego, leave a comment.  I’d love to chat with you.

May you be happy and well.  May you live your life with ease.