Sometimes the little things are the big things.  Do you agree?


Here are a few little things that happened in the past few weeks that I really appreciate:

1. My husband was here for me when I recently got pretty ill and had to go to hospital. He stayed home from work to be with me. 
2. My friend said he missed me (so sweet).
3. My health has taken a turn for the better.
4. Our tulips are coming up.
5. We were able to purchase a nice gift for our son’s upcoming birthday.
6. We are having dinner and game night this weekend with our son and his partner. Can’t wait!
7. I  was gifted with a reiki session from a friend and it was super helpful.
8.  I reached 10 likes on my brand new blog. Yay!
9.  I discovered a new monk on YouTube who gives really great dharma talks.