People can be addicted to lots of things.  For me, it’s sugar. But I am finally kicking sugar to the curb. After all, what has it done for me lately? Nada!  (Besides make me fat and crave more of it).

Here’s how it goes for me…”Well, that looks tasty but unhealthy” (when I am bombarded with beautiful images of donuts, cakes, muffins and cookies every time I am on the internet). Then I continue to scroll. But I see another image. This time I get a little hungry. By the 3rd image my mouth is watering but I tell myself it’s not healthy, I don’t need that etc.

Then those thoughts of sweet savory croissants and gooey fresh-out-of-the- oven chocolate chip cookies somehow stay with me. Tucked a way. I start craving the stuff but fight it off….until it’s in front of me. At that point I gotta have it.

We’ve been keeping sweets out of the house but places like restaurants and grocery stores are just too much.  It’s like putting drugs on a menu for a drug addict. The urge is too strong to resist.

Then the typical thing happens. I justify the sweets in some way then feel guilty afterwards. Only that sweet dessert just triggered the craving for another one.

Awful, I know.  But I also know I am not alone.

My husband and I are finally kicking the habit. FOR GOOD.  Processed sugar is too powerful and nasty. 

Our strategy:

1. We are making sure we don’t go to the store hungry.
2. Taking a list to the grocery store and sticking to it.
3. Making shopping for groceries a quick task.  No lingering and checking things out.
4.  If we want restaurant food we will do a take out (for now).
5.  No sweets in the house. 

On top of it we are cutting out gluten. 

We decided to make the switch by going cold turkey.  We got rid of anything on the naughty list straight away (whereas in the past we “didn’t want to waste the food we already purchased”).

Weaning doesn’t work for us.

I have been gluten and sugar free for two weeks so far.   I am allowing myself Stevia occasionally and up to 1 Tablespoon of honey per day.

No white sugar.  No white flour (or anything with gluten in it). No other fake sugars like Splenda.

How’s it going, you ask?
I’ve lost a few pounds. But I am craving a vegan version of a hostess cupcake that is to die for from Watercourse Foods here in Denver.

This is hard.  But I am stronger. I am treating this like the addiction it is.  I know myself. I know how one leads to another then it’s back to the drawing board.  I’m not praying this works.  I am MAKING this work.  Through sheer determination and dedication. 

The GOOD news is that I am starting to taste the natural sweetness of vegetables.   Who knew they were called sweet peppers because they are actually a little sweet?!

I honestly believe this will be a lifelong challenge.   In ANY office there will be sweets.  At ANY social gathering there will be sweets. And I will want them.  When I scroll through the internet I will see them. People will offer them to me.

My one strargey for that is:
1. Be prepared!

I will need to pack healthy snacks, not go hungry, be aware ahead of time that there will be temptation and prepare my mind and body for that.

I’ve also stopped following certain blogs on social media who post such temptations.  Instead I am following health blogs. 

“Rewards” will not come in the form of snacks now..  Having guests will not involve spending $30.00 on cakes and cookies either. I will buy ingredients for healthier versions and cook ahead of time.  If they want snacks they can have them elsewhere.  It’s how it’s gotta be for now.

Anyone else kick the sugar habit? Did you fall off the wagon? How did you get back on?  Would love to hear any strategies that were helpful to you!